Jam Monster 100ml


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Do you love jams? Jams and jellies from freshly picked fruits have a major role in autumn season especially for children. Fresh fruity flavors provide cool and refreshing taste. Don’t worry… vapers also can enjoy this fall with the delicious fruity jam flavors from Jam Monster e-juice.   Jam Monster is a popular American based e-liquid line on market today. They are one of the popular premium mixers because they have unique and vibrant flavor combination of different fruits and berries. And they are becoming a big hit with jam lovers worldwide. This e-juice line beats up your breakfast carvings.

Jam Monster Strawberry – It is the reigning e-juice champ. Combination of strawberry jam and butter with a hint of toast makes a full breakfast experience. Strawberry Jam delivers blended flavor of sugary strawberry with toasted butter flavor. Strawberry is a really hard e-juice to criticize. It is sweet and tasty all day vape supported by the bready elements from the toast.

Jam Monster Blueberry – It is similar to Strawberry Jam Monster except the blueberry flavor. Blueberry Jam is one of the best blueberry flavor e-liquids. But it has strong butter flavoring along with the authentic blueberry jam flavor.

Jam Monster Raspberry –Raspberry Jam Monster is a combination of raspberry jam and buttered toast. It offers fruity, juicy inhales of fresh picked ripe raspberries with rich creamy butter and toast. It is greatest for your autumn vape.

Jam Monster Blackberry – Jam Monster’s Limited Edition Blackberry is the matchup we have all been waiting for. This e Juice incorporates a sweet blackberry spread over a warm slice of buttery toast fresh from the toaster. The inhale is all in on the sweet tasty blackberry spread, dark, deep and delicious. The exhale takes the blackberry flavor and spreads it onto the warm buttery slice of toast and throughout your palate.


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