Coil Master V Babg


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Wheather the sails are set for Beijing, Berlin or Birmingham a vaper needs to be prepared!
This means bringing your essential vaping Paraphernalia with you wherever you go.
This bag will fit everything you need…and a bit more besides.

  • Material: PVC.
  • Inside: Pockets and elastic straps for Mods, tanks etc.
  • Size: 280 mm x 177 mm x 60 mm.

The vapers gear is his/her pot of gold!
It is so much more than just “bits and pieces”, it is the very basis of any serious vape-experience.
The gear must be brought along when we leave our homely vape-cave and head out into the “great wide open”!

This handy bag will hold everything you’ll need to keep the clouds going while on the road. The elastics will hold Mods, tanks, drip tips etc. and the net pocket will hold the rest.

This bag will let you keep the essentials right at hand whenever you’re travelling or anytime you need to have your gear with you.

The bag comes with a zip, handle and shoulder strap.