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Unicorn Milk:
A perfect Blend Of Strawberry And Four Unique Creams.This flavor is a strawberry milk flavor that tastes very close to Nestle’s strawberry milk. This incredibly tasty strawberry milk flavor will take you back in time to when you were young and had not a worry in the world.

Tobacco Trail:
Mild Sweet Tobacco With A Hint Of Honey,Tobacco Trail ejuice by Cuttwood Eliquids 60ml is a clean, mild and sweet tobacco flavored vape juice with hints and splashes of honey. Never buy cigarettes again to satisfy your tobacco craving and nicotine needs.

Mega Melons:
Cuttwood Classic Mega Melons E liquid is a lesson in fruit flavour. Starting with a ripe tasting papaya and mango on inhale, you’ll be left with a sweetness that borders on tart. Then on exhale the sharp melon, from which the juice got it’s name; a tropical mash-up to say the least.

Sugar Drizzle:
Cuttwood Classic Sugar Drizzle E liquid sounds like it should be poured over your pudding, smells like it too when you open the bottle. When vaped you’ll be greeted by a hearty cinnamon flavour which has a slight spice to it, a dusting of sugar and heavy cream exhale for a sweet finish.

Boss Reserve:
Cuttwood Distinctive Boss Reserve E liquid is one of the most complex blends in the Cuttwood range, and one of the most popular to boot. A sweet cereal flavour with an extra sprinkling of sugar. You’ll detect notes of banana and honey, with dark roasted nuts and splash of milk for a dairy finish.

Livid Lime:
Livid Lime is one of Cuttwood’s latest concoctions. In line with every other flavor their master mixologists have crafted, this liquid is nothing short of magnificent. Livid Lime E-liquid by Cuttwood begins with fresh California limes, picked at the peak of ripeness. The master artisans at Cuttwood then add the perfect amount of natural sweetness, making Livid Lime the most mouthwatering limeade e-juices you have ever tasted.

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Boss Reserve, Livid Lime, Mega Melons, Sugar Drizzle, Tobacco Trail, Unicorn Milk