Crisp by Cosmic Fog 60ml

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Honey Suckle:
A Tired of overly sweet artificial juice in your life? Honey Suckle by Crisp is designed to treat your palate to a pure and refreshing vaping experience. A delicate blend of mountain fresh strawberries paired perfectly with light notes of natural Honey Suckle Blossom. As unique as it is delicious, Honey Suckle takes you out of the candy shop and back into nature.

Lemon Drop:
Lemons are natures gift to man. They are used far and wide in every single culinary experience. They sweeten our drinks, balance the flavors in dishes, and have an amazing aroma. We have managed to capture the perfect essence of California grove lemons and couple the usually tart flavor with a soothing blend of raw sugarcane elixir, then steeped together for the optimal amount of time. These two pairings create the most delicious sweet lemon vape you will ever experience.

Whether you are wandering the Mexican country-side, exploring the barrios of Columbia, of just aisle six at Trader Joes, one staple you will always find is the mango, one of nature’s most impeccable creations. Sweet yet sour, juicy and succulent, the mango has shaped cultures around the world for generations. This time honored tradition was given the “Crisp Team Spin.”

The Crisp team turned to nature for inspiration in creating all of it is flavors and no flavor in nature makes so much impact with so little credit as the juicy, mouth-watering baby tangerine. This delicious citrusy treat is enjoyed by millions for it is unique mandarine flavor and perfect texture. We have infused this nature perfected flavor with a soft backing of sweet and juicy strawberry to create this one of a kind Crisp experience.

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