RSRVD Salt Nic

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Arctic Grape
Black Grapes, Red Grapes and three cubes of ice, makes the perfect cold grape drink

Bubble Trouble
Released as a first of a whole Bubblegum Line, here’s the classic pink Bubblegum for the nostalgic

Lazy Lemon 
The perfect mix of Lemon and Iced Menthol , meant for shisha, made for pods

Tango Mango
A well balanced blend of Sweet Ripe Mangos, if it’s Tango , it’s Mango

The mixture of two strawberry varieties one deep red very sweet with the light sour strawberry gives you a sensational experience only compared to drinking a fresh mixed strawberry juice at one of Florida’s farm markets
Watermelon, fine Sugar and ice, Simple and straight to the point

Gold Blend
The French Pipe tobacco and aged Virginia makes Gold Blend a taste bud delicacy

Texas Classic
With a smooth mix of Texas grown mild tobacco leaves, this is a daily carry for any tobacco lover


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Arctic Grape, Bubble Trouble, Gold Blend, Lazy Lemon, Stärberries, Tango Mango, Texas Classic,


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